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About us


Tuskegee University is a historic Black College, with over 133 years of academic experience, the accredited programs lead to Bachelor’s and post graduate degrees.

Types of Memberships


Regular – Graduates and former students of Tuskegee University.

Associate –Any close relative, spouse, current or former members of the Tuskegee University Faculty or staff; and interested friends who demonstrate financial and moral support of Tuskegee University.

Member-At-Large – Regular Members who live where no club exists or a club has dissolved, and meets the general obligations required at Regional and National Levels.

Professional Association (PA) - Regular Members who are also a member of one of the seven (7) recognized professional associations.

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The Tuskegee Alumni Association gives you access to a vast network of professionals and offers you endless opportunities to connect, build relationships, participate and continue to learn from the incredible Tuskegee community.

The Tuskegee Alumni Association is for all alumni who seek personal, professional and intellectual opportunities, because your Tuskegee advantage continues beyond graduation.

The Tuskegee Alumni Association is a membership organization of alumni and friends of Tuskegee and serving the larger community of alumni. Founded in 1905, the Association has a diverse and rich history of bringing alumni together to support the university, its students and each other.

Our Mission
To enrich the lives of alumni and involve them in Tuskegee’s future

Tuskegee National Alumni Association Incorporated in Tuskegee Inst, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The History of the Tuskegee Alumni Association

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